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RPG Life Sciences, a part of the Rs. 17,000 crore RPG Enterprises, is an integrated pharmaceutical company operating in the domestic and international markets in the Branded Formulations, Global Generics, Synthetic and Fermentation APIs space. The company is a research based, pharmaceutical company, producing a wide range of quality, affordable medicines. Its brands are highly trusted by healthcare professionals and patients. Customer satisfaction is fundamental to the company.

RPG Life Sciences is a forward looking pharmaceutical organization poised for high trajectory growth. With eyes firmly set on the future, RPG Life Sciences is equipped to explore opportunities in the market place to achieve stakeholder delight. The company intends focus on product innovation and development through continuous investment in R&D efforts. R&D is a part of the company’ strategy and will be one of the key elements in providing a competitive edge. It aims to be a key player in its chosen areas through world-class manufacturing, quality control and excellent services.

With manufacturing facilities located in Ankleshwar, Gujarat and Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, RPG Life Sciences is a company that is growing from strength to strength to capture the enormous opportunities that the pharmaceutical space offers. These facilities have been approved by various regulatory bodies.

Apart from serving the domestic market, the company is continuously exploring new geographies. To take its products across the globe, the company currently has several tie-ups with international partners and values these collaborations greatly. It is always on the look-out for win-win licensing and outsourcing agreements.


RPG Life Sciences, formerly Searle India Ltd, started in 1968 as a joint venture with GD Searle, USA. In 1993, GD Searle withdrew from India and sold its holdings to the RPG Group subsequently the company’s name was changed to RPG Life Sciences Ltd.

The company was in the business of Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals. It divested the Agrochemicals business in the year 2001, as per the strategic decision to focus on Pharmaceuticals, Fermentation and Biotechnology.

RPG Life Sciences is a part of RPG Enterprises. Established in 1979, RPG Enterprises is one of India’s fastest growing business groups with a turnover touching Rs. 17,000 crore. The group has more than fifteen companies managing diverse business interests in the areas of Tyre, Infrastructure, IT, and Speciality.


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