Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) has been one of the key areas of RPG Life Sciences where there is a constant endeavor to excel. 

To achieve the above, RPG Life Sciences:

  • Provides safe and healthy working environment for all employees and insists on safe working practices
  • Constantly endeavors to ensure that safety standards are followed and incorporated during the design, installation, operation and maintenance of all its plants and equipment to protect employees and the public from the risk of injury or ill-health and prevent damage to property and environment
  • Encourages employee participation in safety programs of the Company
  • Conducts all the operations in a manner consistent with good industrial hygiene practice, preventing adverse health effects among employees due to physical and chemical agents in the work place
  • Complies with applicable laws and regulations for the protection of environment, health and safety and endeavors to improve on the minimum legal requirements

The company has laid down an Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy to this effect.  

View our EHS Policy in English, Marathi and Gujarati.


RPG Life Sciences has upgraded its capabilities from time to time to meet the environmental and emission norms. To continue this endeavor, the company is being equipped with:

  • Effluent Treatment Plant to treat industrial as well as domestic effluent
  • Use natural gas as fuel for utilities
  • Make provision for disposal of hazardous waste in landfilling, Co-processing and Incineration

EHS information of API, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sr. No. File Name (Click to Download)
1 9th Report of Post EC Compliance
2 8th Report of Post EC Compliance
3 7th Report of Post EC Compliance
4 6th Report of Post EC Compliance
5 5th Report of Post EC Compliance
6 Environment Statement_Form V_2020-21
7 4th Report of Post EC Compliance
8 3rd Report of Post EC Compliance
9 Environment Statement_Form V_2019-20
10 2nd Report of Post EC Compliance
11 Environment Statement_Form V_2018-19
12 1st Report of Post EC Compliance
13 Environment Clearance letter

EHS information of Formulation, Ankleshwar, Gujrat
Sr. No. File Name (Click to Download)
1 3. Monthly Stock Statement for Biomedical Waste MAR-24
2 Annum Return of BMW-2022
3 Annum Return of BMW-2021
4 Annum Return of BMW-2020
5 Annual Return of BMW -2019