Gynaecology and Pediatrics

Gynaecology and Pediatrics

Anemia is highly prevalent in India. More than 50% preschoolers are anemic. Anemia affects the physical as well as the neurological growth in children.

Anemia is always associated with complications, such as poor cognitive functions and low immunity in school going children. In pregnant women, it is associated with low birth weight babies, premature deliveries, and complications during deliveries.

Anemia in India is always associated with protein, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies. Its treatment includes iron and multivitamin supplements for longer duration. The treatment should be repeated frequently to avoid recurrence of anemia and vitamin deficiency.

Minmin tonic contains iron and vitamins to boost the red blood cell formation. It also contains proteins, amino acids, and zinc. Zinc is an essential element required for immune system to fight against infections. Minmin tonic helps improve the concentration of hemoglobin and red blood cell numbers, improves appetite and growth in children, and avoids complications during pregnancy.

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